It's so cheap!

This project was close to home. Woodgate cider may not be the best tasting, or even close... but damn it's cheap.

This was very much a passion project to communicate our appreciation for how many student nights this cider got us through.


As this is an in-house Lidl brand, there wasn't exactly as wealth of assets available online for it. We ended up having to take high-res scans of the label, coupled with some live action footage.

This also allowed us to dive into water simulation, which we weren't overly proficient in. A few weeks in 3ds Max, and we managed to achieve something deliverable.


Seeing as we were already flexing a few new skillsets, we also tried our hand at a Final Cut x Motion workflow. This did present some challenges, which could have easily been amended in After Effects but it allowed us to try something new. (We'll be sticking to After Effects for now though...)

Overall, I think we delivered something pretty tasteful. I think Lidl would be proud.

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