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Web Development

Web Development

Reze Fit was a new take on online fitness classes, fuelled by the transition to online based workshops that the pandemic brought on.

Rosalind is a fitness instructor, who wanted to invest in something that could keep her business running during local restrictions. She wanted a subscription based website, tailored to her needs as a personal trainer.

The Website.

We create a dynamic website, which showcased some work and experience she's had with clients - as well as a subscription model account trsuture. Customers are able to sign up, choose a package tailored to them and pay a monthly fee.

Rosalind had a number of pre-recorded sessions - each with their own individual pages. These included lesson notes, key takeaways and rep details.

Logo Reveal

Lastly, Rozz wanted a simple but effective way to start each of her workou videos so we whipped up logo reveal for her.

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