April 19, 2021

Web Development

New year, new us.

The pandemic put a halt on a lot of our work, as well as our client5 outreach. With things getting back to normal, why not try for a rebrand as well.

Our new site presented scaling issues, and wasn't as dynamic as we intended at different break points. With this new design, it allowed us to use a few more skillsets and create a much more 'fun' design overall.

What's New!

I'm not sure why it took this long to start incorporating a blog into our site. We've been taking on a number of person projects as of late and it would be nice to have somewhere to document our successes.

We also now have a dedicated projects page so clients can see some recent projects we're proud of, and get an idea of what they can achieve with our support.

... it also allowed me to address my problems with Dreamweaver. Mr Long, if you're reading this - you were right. It's not half bad. It's not great... but it's not terrible either.

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